30 January 2020

2019: Summing Up

Professionals of “A Plus” group of companies have carried out a commercial property market analysis. Warehouse industry keeps the leading market positions with a 46.4 % share in the general request structure. However, the demand for industrial objects has dropped by 3.7 % compared with 2018.

According to reports of market research agencies, more than 2.4 mln. sq. m. of industrial facilities was put into operation in 2019. The share of “A Plus” group constitutes 10.6 % of the total amount of the facilities that were put into operation.

The primary trend of the commercial property market in 2019 is risk mitigation due to breakdown of work types. For example, fewer and fewer companies are ready to start construction of turnkey warehouse facilities immediately. They prefer to have preliminary planning and design done or engage a technical client.

Based on data of “A Plus” group of companies.

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